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The Katikati pioneers built more than four schools in the Katikati area. They were No. 1 School at Kauri Point; No. 2 School at Beach Road, No. 3 School at Waitekohe and No. 4 School at Apata. There was also several other schools that at various times went under the same names.

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Katikati No. 1 School: Kauri Point (1877) 

Katikati No. 1 School: Tuapiro (1900).

On the corner of Ongare Point Road and Kauri Point Road is where the Katikati No. 1 school was built in 1877. 'By the end of 1878 only one school had been built (at Katikati). This was known as the Katikati Number 1 School and stood on the corner of the Kauri Point and Ongare Point roads' ...

The photo above was taken in 1900 and shows school children standing ourside the schoolhouse with their teacher John Rollo Comerford Parker (c1850-1914). The school was closed and the building later 'burnt down by a careless swagger' (Sayer, 1977, p. 5).


Katikati No. 1 School: Tuapiro (1900) 

Katikati Number 1 School in 1908

A new No. 1 School was built it was on the corner of Fraser's Point Road and the main road in 1900. In February 1900: 'Tenders were called for the new school on the site to be given by Mr W. Johnston [Canon Walter Young Johnston 1823-1901] and situated near the Tuapiro River' ... In November 1900: 'The new school opened in November' (Jordan, 1979, p. 14). In May 1929: 'The opening of the railway in 1928 provided a means of transporting the pupils to Katikati and No 1 closed in May 1929' (Jordan, 1979, p. 16). 'The Number 1 school register of 1898-1929 concludes with the entry "School Closed, May, 1929" (Sayer, 1977, p. 6). This building has since ended up at the Tauranga Waldorf School. Click here for more information.


Katikati No. 2 School: Beach Road (1879)

Turning right after the Talisman Pub into Beach Road and going up the hill is the Katikati Primary School otherwise known as Katikati No. 2 School. This school opened on 2 June 1879 at Uretara and the original building still stands on the site. The first teacher was Maria Gallaher. In 1923 a second room was added. In 1935 the school became Katikati District High School. In approximately 1950 the school was separated into the Katikati Primary School and Katikati College.

A photograph of school children from c1909 can be found by clicking here.


Katikati No. 3 School: Waitekohe (1880)

Waitekohe No. 3 School, 1914

The  Katikati No. 3 School at Waitekohe opened in 1880 to serve the Aongatete area. It has also been known as Katikati South School and Waitekohe School. The site was donated by Eliza C Wallace amongst others.

It closed on 20 July 1931 when all the Katikati schools were amalgamated to the No. 2 School in Beach Road. The wonderfully preserved Waitekohe School building still exists today as a private residence on the corner of State Highway 2 and Walker Road East which is south of the Katikati settlement.

In 1991 this photograph was the subject of a mural by Irene Falconer which was sited on the northern end of the Katikati shops near the Uretara Bridge. The story of Waitekohe School can be found by clicking here.


Katikati No. 4 School: Athenree (1886) 

In 1886 a school was opened at Hugh and Adela Stewart's home in Athenree. They used furniture from the No. 1 School which was closed. Mr Phillips was teaching the children and when he departed that Christmas he was replaced by Mr Annersley, who left in August 1887. The school was then closed.


Katikati No. 4 School: Pyramid Farm/Bowentown (1898) 

In May 1898 a half-time school was opened in a cottage on Pyramid Farm (property of Charles Nathaniel Murray). In 1899 a 'shanty' supplied by Thomas Gregory was moved onto the farm. This school closed in 1914.


Katikati No. 4 School: Apata (1927) 

Turner Road in Apata was the site of the Katikati No. 4 School. It was built in 1926 and opened in February 1927, the building being rented from William Henry Turner (1884-1965). The school closed in 1938. Today, nothing remains to show where it was.



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