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Katikati events in 1878. Compiled by Katikati Historian Ellen McCormack (2013).

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The first school opened on the corner ofKauri Point Road and Ongare Point Road.


20 / 5/ 1878. An Ulster Plantation.

The ‘Lady Jocelyn’ left Belfast on the 20th May 1878 with 378 passengers of whom 285 were Irish, 34 Scotch, and 59 English.


17/ 8/1878.

The Lady Jocelyn arrived in Auckland on 17th August after a journey of 92 days. 5 pound ten shillings and six pence was raised during the voyage for Katikati Church. The settlers then left for Tauranga on the ‘Hinemoa’ and later a public welcome was held in the No1 School. Katikati.

Among the new settlers were:

  • Captain Mervyn Stewart [aged 88] and his wife Frances Stewart, nee Vesey [aged 78] [G.V and Hugh Stewart’s parents]
  • Captain Hugh Stewart  [Brother to G.V.S.], and his wife Adela Stewart [Hugh and Adela established Athenree]
  • Mervyn James Stewart son of Hugh and Adela [aged 7 years.]
  • Louisa Surtees, Companion to Adela Stewart.
  • Emily Stewart daughter of G.V.S. and Margaret Stewart [Emily had her 21st birthday celebrations during the voyage]
  • Richard Surtees  brother to Louisa Surtees. [Richard married Emily Stewart in 1879]
  • Joseph and Sarah Malyon and two children [with a third child being born shortly after their  arrival in Tauranga.] The Malyon’s came as servants to Hugh and Adela Stewart.
  • Canon and Mrs Johnston and family, and many others who left their mark on Katikati.


3 / 9/ 1878. My Simple Life in N.Z.

We had breakfast at seven, and on a lovely but cold morning assembled at the Tauranga wharf, and by the steamer “Staffa’ started at eight for Katikati; we passed Mt Maunganui and Kawera Island, and so, after three hours’ steam, arrive at Mount Stewart, G.V.S., our leader’s home.

It presented a very barn-like appearance, being an unfinished wooded structure.

We took a walk over wild, uncultivated, undulating land, feeling home-sick and depressed, also hungry. We retraced our steps to enjoy, at the appointed hour, the dinner to which we had been bidden, but found the steamer just starting, and as the tide was receding, men carried us into small boats, pushed us from them into the steamer.

We had a cold return journey, and were most thankful to get back to our Tauranga cottage and beefsteak pie.



24 /9 / 1878 B.O.P.Times.

THE TELEGRAPH OFFICE. People of the district justly complain of the present inconvenient location of the Telegraph Office, and there is no doubt it would be a payable spec. on the part of the Government to shift it to either the Uretara or Foley’s farm. The latter place in my opinion is the most suitable, as the telegraph line is beside the main road, so that no expense would be incurred in a branch line. It is also the most central place, and the main road fromCambridgejoins the Tauranga main road at the same place. The settlers should at once move in the matter, and get the grievance remedied.


25 /9 /1878. My Simple Life in N.Z.

On September 25thHugh went off in a sailing-boat to Katikati to see our land, purchased from G.V.S. He was away four days, and came back atmidnight, reserving his opinion of our future home.



We learn from Katikati that owing to the non-arrival of the timber, the work of erecting the new bridge over the Uretara, has had to be delayed.



At the regular meeting of the Auckland Waste Lands Board, held on the 17th inst., a letter was read from the Hon. Minister of Lands, announcing the appointment of Mr. C. H .L .Hice ? as Ranger. The Chairman intimated that the new Ranger’s first duty would be to inspect the improvements effected by the Katikati settlers.



We learn from Katikati that the timber for building bridges across the Uretara, Te Mania, andTahawaiRivers, has arrived, and the works will be commenced immediately. The Katikati Highway Board has contracted for making the approach on the main road to the Te Rereatukahia River, and also for putting in culverts and filling in the swamp on the main road beyond the Tuapiro River.


5 / 11/ 1878

Rev John Crossley died. Buried Katikati Cemetery. [Supposedly the first person buried at the Katikati Cemetery but there may be a Tanner burial before that date.]



THE NEW LAUNCH. Last week saw the first appearance of the steam launch Katikati, and from what is seen of her it is expected she will be a great success. The main thing required now is to have the creek channels in the district all staked all cleared of snags, and a few pounds spent in deepening the channels in the shallow parts. If that was done there would be little doubt that either of the launches heading to Katikati could get up to the various landing places long before high water. I hear the spirited proprietors of the launch La Buona Ventura are to make a trip once a week to the Rereatukahia Creek in order to endeavour to open up trade there. As the settlers in the vicinity are co-operating in the matter success should crown their efforts.


14/11/1878. B.O.P.Times.

HOTELS. The extensive additions to the Uretara Hotel are rapidly approaching completion under the able supervision of Mr.Page, and will add greatly to the accommodation and comfort of the house.


14 / 11/1878. B.O.P.Times

Building improvement is going on in every part of the district, and more life and hope seems  diffused lately through the settlement than it ever possessed before. The new settlers are buckling to manfully, and surprising people by the energetic way they surmount difficulties of all kinds, and next year will see such a stride made in cultivating and settling the district that people who have sneered at and maligned it will find a practical contradiction of their envies and malicious perversions of the truth.


19/11/1878. B.O.P.Times.

The only real difficulty experienced by the steam launches and boats, running between here and Katikati appears to be at the Uretara, the channel of which is in parts very shallow. A comparatively small sum expended in deepening that river would, however, remedy the evil. We understand a subscription has been set on foot.



The Uretara Bridge at Katikati will not be finished yet awhile as the stringers supplied by Mr. Dundas, the contractor, have been condemned by the Highway Board, for being 12 feet 6 inches, instead of 14 feet 6inches, as agreed upon.  


19 /11/1878.B.O.P.Times [extract from advertisement].

The Pure-Bred Clydesdale Entire ‘Prince’ will stand this season as under, viv; At Junction Hotel, Katikati, on Fridays, Nov.15 and 29 and Dec. 13 and 27. At Uretara Hotel, Katikati, on Saturdays, Nov.16 and 30 and Dec. 14 and 28.


21 /11/1878. B.O.P. Times.

The energy of the No. 2 Settlers is shown by the great amount of work they have put on contract. One gentleman is having at once forty acres ploughed and cleared and several others from fifteen to thirty. Crops are looking well, but a little rain now would not be amiss.


21/ 11/1878.B.O.P.Times

WANT OF CARPENTERS AND AGRICULTURAL LABOURERS. There is a great want felt for carpenters and agricultural labourers, and any of the unemployed about theThamesmight find immediate work here.



RACE   BETWEEN  THE STEAMERS KATIKATI AND LA BUONAVENTURA. Yesterday witnessed a sight indicative of the marvellous progress the settlement is making, when the steamers Katikati and La Buona Ventura steamed up the Uretara within five minutes of one another. Anybody a year ago suggesting the possibility of such a thing would have been regarded as a madman.



Mr. Hill, the Inspector of the Waste Land’s Board, who has been visiting the farms of the No.1.Settlers at Katikati, expresses himself delighted with the flourishing condition of the district. Crown grants will be issued almost immediately.


28/11/1878. B.O.P. Times.

Captain McKenzie of the s.s. Katikati reports that the only portion of the river channel to Katikati that is at present staked out has been done by himself with ti- tree: and that Captain Marks states as the reason why he has not commenced the work that he is waiting for the stakes which are to be delivered to him by Pullen.


14 /12 /1878.B.O.P.Times.

One of the Katikati settlers intends importing oysters to that place, with the view of starting oyster beds. Mr. Horne has also informed us that when he visited theIslandofKarewa, the day after the wreck of the s.s.Taranaki, he opened several sacks of oysters. These luxuries should soon be cheap in theBayofPlenty.


21/ 12/1878.B.O.P.Times.[Advertisement.]

Steam Communication between Katikati and Tauranga. Under Contract with the General Government. The s.s. “KATIKATI”. Leaves Tauranga Thursday at 10.30.a.m. and Saturday at1 p.m. Leaves Uretara Friday at 3.30.p.m. and Monday at 4.30.p.m. Special arrangements made with pleasure or picnic parties. W. M. Commons. Agent.


 24 /12 / 1878. B.O.P. Times.

Advertisement. John Maxwell of the Belfast Bakery, The Strand, Tauranga offers to his Katikati friends to send him their orders for Bread, spices, pickles, sauces, potted meats, cheese and many other items and he will attend to all favours personally and with punctuality.


24/12/1878. B.O.P.Times.

“Its an ill wind that blows nobody good,” as was instanced the other day when one of the Katikati steamers stuck opposite Omokoroa. At first the passengers looked rather glum over the mischance, but on going ashore, they were very hospitably entertained by Mr. Gellibrand, who showed them round the farm, and produced a plentiful supply of strawberries and cream.



URETARA  HOTEL . B MACDONNELL. Begs to announce that the above Hotel, centrally situated on the Uretara River, is now open. Good Stabling and Accommodation for Travellers. [This hotel was by the river on the opposite side of the road to where the present hotel stands.]


28 /12/1878. B.O.P.Times.

Notice to Katikati settlers. I will be at the Uretara Hotel, Katikati on the 7th and 8th of January to SHOE HORSES that may attend on those days. A. Gilmore, ‘Ulster Smith Works’ Tauranga.

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