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In which John writes Hazel about the death of Muv and what Bill is to do, Joan's operation, the scrap in Libya in which New Zealanders are featuring in the national headlines and parcels that Hazel has sent to London.

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27 November 1941

Dear Haze,

By gosh if my records are correct its a few months since I wrote you so here goes. I expect mail from home soon now and am keen to hear from Bill and yourself to know what is happening.

I always had that fear about Muv and it was my chief reason for wanting to get home fairly soon. I know you and Andy will give Bill all the help he needs, but I’m naturally sorry I’m not on the spot to advise him as I guess Andy will be fairly busy. I wrote Bill making suggestions but as my information is now a few years old its hardly likely to be applicable. However I certainly suggest he does not sell because I anticipate a rising market and inflation – Andy of course is in a better opinion than I to decide that. I also was emphatic that he retains all Muv’s personal and household things. His calling up too, he can have delayed and that is advisable. Hett has said he can come to her but I guess he’ll be in the services first and anyway England is not as good as N.Z. for him to settle in I think. There is little I can talk about in regards the whole things because your feelings will have been the same as mine and words would be superfluous. I can image though what a disappointment it will mean to you in another way seeing you’re the first to think of adding to the interest of life.

I’m on 7 days at present. The fella went into hospital (nothing serious) for an operation last Tuesday week and we anticipated her release on Saturday so we could have a walk at Bournemouth – she comes out next Saturday now – the day I return to camp! She’ll go to her Auntie in Rutland for a fortnight – meantime of course I do nothing but visit her in hospital and potter about the Acton Town Hall where I’m sleeping in my office with some old A.R.P. pals. The weather is not ideal for recuperation but so far our November fogs have not started and neither is it really cold.

The scrap in Libya is getting interesting and at the time of writing the N.Zers are featuring well in the national headlines. It’s an important scrap and few appreciate its full significance – there’ll be no fighting in the West in my opinion – S.E. Europe will witness most spilt blood.

I can’t remember how many parcels you’ve sent but I do know all have arrived safely and we are both very grateful – we’ve had them from Muv and Foaners too.

I was down at Stanmore (N.W. London) about a month ago on a special cause which was quite interesting of binding, although I was too busy to see the fella during it – however no one knew how long it was to last so I didn’t return to camp too quickly.

I hope Andy is doing well in his new world and that you’re both in good health – it is particularly important for you and in case my pen gets tired again for a long time.

I’ll say all the best for ’42 and I hope things go well for you.

Love from us. John [handwritten].

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27 November 1941: To Hazel from John Glen McCauley

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