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The Athenree Post Office was built in 1890 on the Stewart's property at Athenree.

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In 1890 a post office was established on the Stewart’s property at Athenree. Adela Stewart writes, ‘On June 2nd he [Hugh] was appointed Postmaster at Athenree – salary £5 per annum – and immediately set to work to build a Post Office at his own expense’ (p. 98).

Athenree Post Office, 1900

Athenree Post Office (1900).

In 1904 a photograph of the coach in front of the Athenree Post Office was taken. Adela Stewart writes; 'One day we had a visit from Mr. Reid, on the staff of the New Zealand Herald, his wife, and a photographer, who took views of the house, garden, and of the mail-coach, with its skilful driver and fine team of five greys. For the picture the driver begged me to sit on the box-seat beside him. When he saw the result he complacently said, "Me and Mrs. Stewart look fine!"' (p. 153).

Coach in front of Athenree Post Office (1904)

Coach in front of Athenree Post Office (1904).




Stewart, A. (2002). My simple life in New Zealand. Katikati, New Zealand: The Athenree Restoration Trust Inc. (Originally published 1908, c.1957, 1996).

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