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In which Joan writes Hazel about John's posting to the Mediterranean and the fact that they won't be together for Christmas.

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14 December 1942

Dear Haze,

John gave me your letter to post, but first I must tell you that your Xmas cable arrived the very afternoon of the morning John had left for abroad, so he missed receiving it by a few hours! Yes, he has been posted out to the Mediterranean and is frightfully bucked about it. He flew over, so I guess he is there now, although I won’t hear for some time, as even if he can cable me to say he has safely arrived, the cable would take quite a while on the way. I sure hope he got there safely, and guess he did alright. I think he has been longing to get out there for some time as there hasn’t been much doing here for a year or more now and of course in North Africa there’ll be plenty of chances for him to have a go at many Hun planes. That is what he is living for – a chance to get at the Jerries. Luckily he had about six days before he went, so I was able to take the last few days off and we had a bright time. At first he thought he was only going to get 12 hours notice, but luckily they extended it. I can’t give you an address to which to write him, as he wasn’t able to leave one for me, but if you send his letters here I’ll be able to redirect them.

I told John to keep an eye open for a possibility of me getting out there, but methinks it will be the centre of activity very shortly, and people like wives etc. would only be in the way. Still, I’m hoping, and if anyone can wangle it, that man is John.

And I had quite made up my mind that I was going to stay with John for Xmas – just shows it is much better not to make up one’s mind over anything when married to a service man.

So far the winter here hasn’t been unbearable, as we’ve had fairly mild weather over the last week or two. I see you’ve been having more earthquakes in the vicinity of Wellington – you’ll be glad you’re not living there with the babe.

Haven’t much news, as I wrote you a lengthy note a week or two back, but I thought I’d just let you know that John has gone abroad. Lucky devil, he’s probably getting as many eggs and oranges to eat as he likes, and plenty of wine.

Cheerio for now, Haze. Regards to all the family. Joan [signed].


P.S. By the way Haze, I notice that on your cable you put John’s old service number. Well, once a chap is commissioned he loses his rank No. I believe he has a new one, but I’ve never known it and it is very rarely necessary to use it. P/0. J.G.Mc. is all that is necessary.

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14 December 1942: To Hazel from Joan Dorothy McCauley

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