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Katikati settler, George Thomas Hyde, arrived in New Zealand at age 33 as a single man on the Broderick Castle on 23 March 1876.

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George Thomas Hyde was born c1842 in Woolwich, Greenwich, London. He was christened on 9 February 1842 in Woolwich St, Mary Magdalene, Greenwich, London. His parents were Edward and Jane Hyde (nee Claughley).

He arrived in New Zealand, aged 33, as a single man on board the Broderick Castle on 23 March 1876 and settled in Katikati.

15 January 1881: Bay of Plenty Times: Going along here we notice the Tahawai settlement with its groves of peaches, &.c. continuing on this track we visit Mr Thomas Beattie's farm, Ben Edar, consisting of 130 acres, of which 27acres are in grass and clover, and a small area in crops. Mr George Hyde manages this farm. (Bay of Plenty Times, 15 January 1881)

16 May 1892: Bay of Plenty Times: George Thomas Hyde. Valuation £160 on 76 acres, Katikati. No appearance of objector, Valuation reduced to £100. He obviously increased his holding at some time as he later held 112 acres. (Bay of Plenty Times, 16 May 1892)

13 December 1895: Bay of Plenty Times: The night before the fire, the house Larkspur, the property of Mr Charles Gledstanes and occupied by a care-taker, George Hyde, was broken into and Hyde was relieved of a well laid in stock of provisions and sundry; small effects, but this does not appear to be the act of a lunatic but of some I hungry stranger, to the settlement. (Bay of Plenty Times, 13 December 1895)

3 May 1905: Bay of Plenty Times: The annual statutory meeting of householders was held at Katikati last week, in accordance with the advertisement. However, the only representative of the public present was Mr George Hyde, who attended on a matter of private business. (Bay of Plenty Times, 3 May 1905)

29 June 1906: Bay of Plenty Times: Applications for repairs and formation of roads were received from Messrs R. F Blakeney, M. Preston, Thos. Gregory and George Hyde, and the hon. overseer (Mr Wm. Taylor) was requested to inspect and report thereon. (Bay of Plenty Times, 29 June 1906)

21 June 1909: Auckland Star: SUPREME COURT. CIVIL SESSION. A TIMBER CLAIM. At the Supreme Court this morning, before his Honor, Mr. Justice Edwards, George Thomas Hyde, of Katikati, claimed from Messrs. D. Goldie and Cashmere Bros, the sum of £200 general damages, and £700 special damages, for alleged trespass. Dr. Bamford, for plaintiff. Mr. F. E. Baume, K.C., with him Mr. McVeagh, for defendants. The statement of claim net forth that plaintiff has been since 6th February, 1909, the owner in fee simple of section 3, Block 1., of the Aongatete Survey District, containing 112 acres 2 roods, and previous to that date he was for many years the licensee and occupier of the said land. In or about the months of February, March and April, 1909, the defendants, it was alleged, did by their servants, wrongfully and without leave and license of the plaintiff, enter upon the. land to work the timber on an adjoining section, and convey it over the said land through tracks cut by defendants. It was further alleged that in October, 1908, defendants wrongfully felled a large quantity of timber and other trees growing on the land, and that in February, 1909, they did further wrongfully enter upon, the land, and removed a large quantity of timber amounting to 140,000 feet. The statement of defence denied that plaintiff complied with the conditions of his license as regards residence and improvements, but, on the contrary, was absent from the land for many years, and was and had been so for many years prior to February 12, 1909. Defendants denied that they had wrongfully and without leave or license committed the acts imputed to them. They admitted the acts, but pleaded that they committed the several acts with the leave and. license of the plaintiff under the terms of an agreement dated 15th October, 1900, originally made for three years, but subsequently extended indefinitely in consideration of a payment of £10. They alleged that under the agreements, documents, and letters put in, plaintiff had actually sold to defendants all the timber and trees on the land, and that the sale lease had never been revoked, determined, or forfeited. The defendants further alleged that by reason of the non-compliance of the plaintiff with the conditions of his license in regard to residence and improvements they had been unable to cut the timber because the Auckland Land Board refused to allow them to do so. It was because of plaintiff's neglect of the said conditions that the Land' Board prevented the defendants from cutting or removing timber, and it was for this reason-that the indefinite extension of the agreement of October, 1900, became necessary. Dr. Bamford submitted that the extension of the agreement was not indefinite, but was only for a few months, finally expiring in 1904. He also submitted that defendants could not rely upon the contention tnat plaintiff had not complied with the terms of his license, because that license was never interfered with, and, in fact, continued to exist until plaintiff purchased the fee simple of the land. (Auckland Star, 21 June 1909).

5 Feb 1917: Bay of Plenty Times: LAND TRANSFER ACT NOTICE. EVIDENCE of the loss of Certificate of Title Volume 162 Folio 83 of the Register Book in favour of George Thomas Hyde, Farmer Katikati for Section 3 Block 1 Aougatete Survey District having been lodged with me and application made to issue a provisional Certificate of Title. Notice is hereby given of my intention to issue a Provisional Certificate of Title accordingly at the expiration of fourteen days from the 8th February, 1917. Dated the 31st day of January 1917 at the Laud Registry Office at Auckland

George died, aged 71, in Waihi on 3 June 1913 (reg.1913/3190).



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George Thomas Hyde (1842-1913)

First Names:George Thomas
Last Name:Hyde
Date of Birth:1842
Date of death:3 June 1913
Place of death:Waihi
Occupation:Zaither Foreman
Date of Arrival:23 March 1876
Name of the ship:Broderick Castle
Date of sailing:December 1875
Fathers name:Edward Hyde
Mothers name:Jane Claughley
Mothers date of birth:16 January 1808
Mothers place of birth:Woolwich , Greenwich, London
Mothers date of death:14 April 1885
Mothers place of death:Pembroke Dock, Pembroke, Wales
Name of sibilings:Anne R Hyde, William Henry Hyde, Edward Hyde, Adelaide M Hyde, Joseph Hyde, Margaret Hyde, Jane Elizabeth Hyde, Maria Hyde, and Adelaide Abergail Hyde