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Edgar's life involved anything that was beneficial to Katikati; the Town Committee, Masonic Lodge and amateur radio, which was vital during storms and disasters. He was the first and only Chemist in Katikati for over thirty years. His chemist bottles were labelled J.E.B.Warn.

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John Edgar Bongard Warn was born in 1904 (reg. 1904/22193). His parents were John Martin and Mary Hargreaves Warn. He was known as Edgar.

In 1927 he married Esme Frances Jack. She was born in  in 1901 (reg. 1901/3173). Her parents were James John and Annie Jane Jack (nee Smith). The couple had no children.

John Edgar Bongard Warn (1904-1969)

Edgar and Esme at the wedding of Wayne and Ellen McCormack at St Peter's Church in Katikati, New Zealand, on 18 April 1953. In this photograph Esme has on a white hat with a black band, her face half in shadow. John is the man sitting beside her with the glasses, his face partially obscured by Esme's hat. Photograph: Ellen McCormack.

An advertisement for his Katikati chemists, J. E. B. WARN, appeared in the Korero of Katikati on 11 March 1959 (Vol. 8, No. 84). He was advertising Pernivite and Calcium for Chilblains; Halibut Liver Oil Capsules and Haliv-orange Tablets for Coughs and Colds; Ostomalk and Minadex - Becadex and Hepabos General Tonics.

Esme died on 27 February 1965 and was buried in Katikati Cemetery.

In December 1965 Edgar sold his chemist's shop:

WITH the changing hands of the chemist shop, it is fitting to pay a tribute to Mr Edgar Warn who has been in Katikati for over 33 years now. During that time he has not only been a chemist, but also a doctor when we have been without one, and a vet when animals needed urgent care and we were without a local vet. His advice has always been sound and comforting, and he has accepted these added responsibilities as part of his everyday life, always being willing to help at any time. In many cases, he has also delivered urgently needed medicine, particularly to households where there are only elderly people. With at least one family Mr Warn can trace five generations which have received his services. As a Justice of the Peace he performed the first naturalisation ceremony in Katikati, Dr Joe Burstein being one of the people naturalised, and another duty was that of local coroner. Mr Warn's list of public services is long, and includes being the first chairman of the Katikati Town Committee, Chairman of the Katikati Branch of St John Ambulance, Member of Tauranga Hospital board, Chairman of the Public Library and many other worthy causes. Readers will be happy to know that Mr Warn is now well on the road to recovery and is looking forward to a happy retirement. (December 1965).

John died, aged 65, on 22 February 1969 (reg. 1969/29395). He was buried in Katikati Cemetery with Esme on 2 March 1965 (Anglican Block A plots 202 & 203).

His obituary appeared in the Korero in June 1969:

VALEDICTORY Since February we have lost many of our citizens, and Korero wishes to extend sincere sympathy to the relations and friends on behalf of the people in this district. Mr J. E. B. (Edgar) Warn was a man who had the interests of Katikati very much at heart and he was not only Katikati's first chemist, but also helped where possible when we were without a doctor, and also gave his generous help to farmers when there was not a vet in the district. Throughout the years he lived in Katikati he did much for the welfare of the district, and was chairman of the town committee for 17 years. He was also a member of the Masonic Lodge and Constable Orme Power has spoken of the help Mr Warn gave to him, not only as JP, but also through his amateur radio work when storms had severed communications. Many a youngster has reason to be grateful to Mr Warn for the help and encouragement given in the field of amateur radio, and he believed in helping foster this interest. (Korero, June 1969). 



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John Edgar Bongard Warn (1904-1969)

First Names:John Edgar Bongard
Last Name:Warn
Date of Birth:1904
Date of death:22 February 1969
Place of death:New Zealand
Place of burial:Katikati Cemetery
Place of settlement in Bay of Plenty:Katikati
Date of arrival in Bay of Plenty:c1932
Spouses name:Esme Francis Jack
Spouses date of birth:1901
Spouses date of death:27 February 1965
Spouses place of death:New Zealand
Spouses place of burial:Katikati Cemetery
Date of marriage:1927
Place of marriage:New Zealand
Fathers name:John Martin Warn
Mothers name:Mary Hargreaves Warn
Member of Society:Katikati Town Board, Katikati Branch of St John Ambulance, and Tauranga Hospital Board

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