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Katikati events in 1877. Compiled by Katikati Historian Ellen McCormack (2012).

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24 January 1877: Bay of Plenty Times:  TAURANGA  R. M .COURT. Monday, January 22nd, 1877. [Before Herbert W. Brabant, Esq.,R.M.. Sly Grog Selling. Alexander Bell was charged on the information of Detective Blake with selling, at Uritara, [Uretara] Katikati, on the 13th instant, two bottles of rum to Moki Hana, a native constable in the Armed Constabulary Force, and at the same place on the same date, with selling two glasses of rum to native constable Tama, in both instances contrary to clause 6 of the Licensing Act 1873, as the accused was not licensed to sell alcoholic liquors under the said Act.  Mr. Quintal appeared for the accused. On the application of Constable Whelan, the hearing of the case was adjourned until Tuesday, on account of the sudden illness of Detective Blake. (Bay of Plenty Times, 24 January 1877) 

3 February 1877: Bay of Plenty Times: There has been little of late to relieve the quiet monotony of life on the block. Harvest is now over, and the recent heavy rains have luckily done no damage to the grain crops, and the settlers are beginning now to reap some benefits from their early perseverance.  There is not a settler who has not more than sufficient potatoes for his families use. Two more houses are now in the course of erection, and the progress generally is marked and satisfactory. (Bay of Plenty Times, 3 February 1877)

14 March 1877: Bay of Plenty Times: Advertisement:


URITARA, Katikati.



Good Accommodation for Travellers, and First-class Stabling.


11 August 1877: Bay of Plenty Times: A sample of Katikati potatoes has been brought to our office for inspection and is worthy of note. We weighed the potatoes, four in number, one of which weighed one pound three ounces; and the four together weighed exactly four pounds. The four submitted to us are said to be a fair sample of potatoes grown by Mr. Turner, of Katikati and if such be the case, it is perfectly incomprehensible why table potatoes from the south should be constantly finding their way into this market. Our store keepers should rather support local industry, if really good, and fair value [Mr. Turner is Sandy Turner who owns the land to the south and west of where the Anglican Church now stands through to the main street]. (Bay of Plenty Times, 11 August 1877)

6 October 1877: Bay of Plenty Times: Several loads of firewood are shipped from Katikati to Tauranga per the cutter. (Bay of Plenty Times, 6 October 1877)

1877:  George Vesey Stewart returned to England.

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