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Margaret Ann Hamilton was a devoted employee of Captain Mervyn and Frances Stewart (née Vesey). She was my third great aunt - Debbie McCauley.

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Margaret Ann Hamilton was born about 1845 in Ballygawley, County Tyrone, Ireland. She was the daughter of Stewart and Alice Hamilton (nee Wilson) who married in Tyrone, Ireland c1835.

Her older brother was John Hamilton (1835-1892) who arrived with his family on 23 November 1875 aboard the Ocean Mail. Since 1850 John worked for George Vesey Stewart's parents Captain Mervyn and Frances Stewart (née Vesey) on their estate, Martray Manor at Ballygawley in County Tyrone, and also worked as their Land Steward in New Zealand.

Margaret also worked for Captain Mervyn and Frances Stewart (née Vesey) in Ireland. She and her niece Alice Hamilton travelled to New Zealand with the elderly couple on board the Lady Jocelyn in 1878. Margaret lived with the Stewart's at Martray in Katikati. Alice Hamilton married Westby Percival Daveron. Another niece, Jane Hamilton, worked as a maid at Athenree Homestead for Adela Stewart.

Margaret died unmarried, aged 44, on 10 March 1889 (reg. 1889/1879) in Katikati. She was buried in Katikati Cemetery. Her obituary appeared in the Bay of Plenty Times on 11 March 1889:

OBITUARY: We regret to have to record the death of Miss Margaret A Hamilton, who went to her rest at 2am on Sunday at Katikati.  She was a native of Ballgawley, Ireland, and had long been an intimate and trusted friend of the late Captain Stewart and his family, to whom she clung with a noble disregard of self and with unfailing devotion. She was a lady of singularly independent character, straight forward even to her own disadvantage, and a friend in the truest sense of that term. She accompanied Captain and  Mrs Stewart to New Zealand in the Lady Jocelyn in 1878, and has chiefly resided at Martray since her arrival. It will be a consolation to those who knew and loved her that she died a painless and happy death in the arms of her brother, whose grief is tempered with the all happy thought – “Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.” Margaret Ann died at the age of 44 Years. She never married. (Bay of Plenty Times, 11 March 1889)

An article detailing Margaret’s funeral service appeared in the Bay of Plenty Times on 18 March 1889:

KATIKATI (from our own correspondent): The funeral of the late Miss M. A. Hamilton, took place on Tuesday afternoon. A very large number of settlers testified to their esteem for the deceased lady by being present. Wreaths were sent by Mesdames Shaw, Gledstanes, McDonnell, Dalzell Noble Johnston, Jenkinson and Miss Violet Shaw. Both Messrs Dalzell and Lockington kindly offered Mr Hamilton the use of their buggies to convey his sister’s remains to their last resting place. The service was conducted by Mr Anderson, in the unavoidable absence of Mr Katterns. The grave was placed at Miss Hamilton’s earnest request next her old friend, whom she loved and served well, Capt. Mervyn Stewart. The coffin of polished kauri was made by Mr W. J. Gray, and the rich and handsome ornaments were purchased from Mr Gardiner of Tauranga. Sad as the occasion was, Mr Hamilton felt deeply the consideration of his fellow-settlers, who, by their marked sympathy, showed their appreciation of the noble character of his much lamented sister. (Bay of Plenty Times, 18 March 1889, p. 4)

Before she died, Margaret had managed to contribute to a 'handsome testimonial and address' for B McDonnell on the completion on his new hotel. The Bay of Plenty Times reported: 'Four ladies, including the venerable Mrs Stewart of Martray, contributed, and it is a touching instance of the general regard felt for Mr McDonnell, that the late Miss Hamilton on her death-bed sent a handsome contribution, with words full of gratitude for sympathy shown her by the hero of the day' (11 April 1889, p. 1)



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Margaret Ann Hamilton (c1845-1889)

First Names:Margaret Ann
Last Name:Hamilton
Date of Birth:c1845
Place of Birth:Ballygawley, County Tyrone
Country of birth:Ireland
Date of death:10 March 1889
Place of death:Katikati
Place of burial:Katikati Cemetery
Date of Arrival:August 1878
Name of the ship:Lady Jocelyn
Date of sailing:20 May 1878
Place of settlement in Bay of Plenty:Katikati
Port of arrival:Auckland
Sailed from:Belfast
Fathers name:Stewart Hamilton
Fathers date of birth:1810
Fathers place of birth:Tyrone, Ireland
Mothers name:Alice Wilson
Mothers date of birth:c1815
Mothers place of birth:Tyrone, Ireland
Name of sibilings:John Hamilton