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Joseph Henry Lomas appears in a Waitekohe No. 3 School photo taken in 1914. He was my first cousin twice removed - Debbie McCauley

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Joseph Henry Lomas was born in Katikati on 3 April 1901 (reg. 1901/526). He was the son of William and Jane Lomas (nee Hamilton).

Joseph appeared in a 1914 photograph of Waitekohe No. 3 School in Katikati which can be accessed by clicking here.

Katikati No. 3 School: Waitekohe (1914)

He married Jane Savage in November 1921 (reg. 1921/10729), giving his occupation as a butter factory assistant. They had two children together:

  1. Joseph Leslie Lomas (1922-2006). Born in Katikati on 2 August 1922. He died in Hamilton on 27 July 2006.
  2. Arthur George Lomas (1923-1981) Born in Katikati. He married Valma Hyde. Arthur died in 1981.

Joseph and Jane divorced in 1925 due to the misconduct of Jane with another man (New Zealand Herald, 4 November 1925, p. 14).

Joseph died in Wellington in 1979 (reg. 1979/51321). He was cremated at Karori Cemetery.


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Joseph Henry Lomas (1901-1979)

First Names:Joseph Henry
Last Name:Lomas
Date of Birth:3 April 1901
Place of Birth:Katikati
Country of birth:New Zealand
Date of death:1979
Place of death:Wellington
Place of burial:Karori Cemetery
Occupation:butter factory assistant
Spouses name:Jane Savage
Spouses date of birth:1903
Spouses place of birth:Matata, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand
Date of marriage:November 1921
Place of marriage:New Zealand
Fathers name:William Lomas
Fathers date of birth:1 April 1869
Fathers place of birth:Thames, New Zealand
Fathers date of death:15 April 1942
Fathers place of death:Katikati, New Zealand
Mothers name:Jane Hamilton
Mothers date of birth:1874
Mothers place of birth:Ireland
Mothers date of death:15 June 1936
Mothers place of death:Katikati, New Zealand
Name of sibilings:Sarah Rachel May Lomas, William George Lomas, Alfred Lomas, and Charles Lomas
Name of the children:Joseph Leslie Lomas and Arthur George Lomas