Charles Thomas Dunne (1851-1947)

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Charles Thomas Dunne (1851-1947) .


Charles Thomas Dunne was born in Dublin, Ireland, on 5 March 1851 and was christened at the Parish of St Catherine's in Dublin on 2 May 1851. His parents were Cabinet Weaver Thomas Johnson and Eliza S Dunne (nee Jones). It is said that Charles served in the Imperial Army. He arrived in Auckland, New Zealand aboard the Carisbrooke Castle on 8 September 1875 with his parents and three sisters. From there, they were transported to Tauranga and then on to Katikati. In 1885 he married Isabella Rowan Montgomery who was born in 1862. They had six children together. Charles was a policeman in Katikati from 1888 on a salary of £18 per annum, being appointed the Waterford District Police Constable. This was renamed the Katikati Police Station in 1892. Constable Charlie Dunne was a versatile man, he was secretary for the Roads, Cemetery and Domain Boards, as well as a bandmaster and choirmaster. Photograph: Graeme Dunne.

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Charles Thomas Dunne (1851-1947)

First Names:Charles Thomas
Last Name:Dunne
Date of Birth:5 March 1851
Place of Birth:Dublin, Ireland
City:Katikati, New Zealand