Coach in front of Athenree Post Office (1904)

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Coach in front of Athenree Post Office (1904).


In 1904 a photograph of the coach in front of the Athenree Post Office was taken. Adela Stewart writes; 'One day we had a visit from Mr. Reid, on the staff of the New Zealand Herald, his wife, and a photographer, who took views of the house, garden, and of the mail-coach, with its skilful driver and fine team of five greys. For the picture the driver begged me to sit on the box-seat beside him. When he saw the result he complacently said, "Me and Mrs. Stewart look fine!"' (p. 153). Tauranga City Libraries Image Number: 01-632.

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Coach in front of Athenree Post Office (1904)

First Names:Adela
Last Name:Stewart
Date of Birth:1 January 1846
Place of Birth:Clifton, Bristol, England
City:Katikati, New Zealand
Location where this photo was taken:

Latitude and Longitude coordinates: -37.445164,175.9622756

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