Edward and Addeen Gledstanes and family (1899)

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Edward and Addeen Gledstanes and family (1899).


Edward George Hornidge Gledstanes, was Secretary of No. 2 school on no less than three occasions between 1887 and 1931, serving a total of 28 years on the board. In around 1885 Edward purchased 80 acres from Christopher Joseph Knapping. The property that he farmed he named 'Levley'. Today it is called Levley Lane. From left: Phoebe [Kathleen] Gledstanes (sitting), Mary Gledstanes, Edward Gledstanes, Addeen Gledstanes, Dorothea [Dumpy] Gledstanes and Helen Gledstanes.

Emily Surtees Photographic Collection. Photographer: Emily Surtees (nee Stewart) (eldest child of George Vesey and Margaret Stewart). Courtesy of Elizabeth Smith and Ellen McCormack. Text by Debbie McCauley. Tauranga City Libraries Image Number: 16-210 (Ref: Page 24, 002).

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