Hubert James Cooper (1892-1971)

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Hubert James Cooper (1892-1971).


Hubert James Cooper was appointed to No. 1 School at Katikati in October 1919, after a short teaching position in Cambridge. The Katikati School building consisted of 1 room divided by a curtain. He had one assistant. The school grew over the years and he retired from teaching at about 1929. Mr Cooper then bought a Dairy farm in Katikati as he thought cows would be easier to manage than children even in those early days. Photo courtesy of Ellen McCormack.

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Hubert James Cooper (1892-1971)

First Names:Hubert James
Last Name:Cooper
Date of Birth:1892
City:Katikati, New Zealand
Location where this photo was taken:

Latitude and Longitude coordinates: -37.5519144,175.9197547

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