Apata farm 1950s

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Apata farm 1950s.


In this old survey map below I have shaded our farm in yellow and Uncle Mervyn Scott’s farm in green. I have drawn the old road as a Red line and the approx. position of the existing road as a Green Line. The existing highway built about 1955 passes to seaward of the Pahoia School at the Pahoia Point Road intersection. The old road passed to the Kaimai side of the Pahoia School and wound up turntable hill past our farm (shaded yellow). Our cream stand was at the very top of the hill and the last farm on the main road cream run to supply the Katikati Factory. The road was metal, very dusty, and with very little traffic. Vehicles only travelled slowly because of the bends and incline and our dog would chase and bark at every vehicle. Then Uncle Mervyn’s dog would have another go as well.

I have shaded the Apata Station in pink, the long shaded area at the bottom of the farms. It had a second length of line for shunting and had four railway houses for staff. I suppose the staff did track maintenance in the Area. George Floyd was in charge and I believe called the Station Master. Another family were the Timutimu’s who used to come and buy fresh warm milk from our cow shed.

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Apata farm 1950s

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