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The Kauri Classrooms were constructed in 1916 and, in 2001 were moved to the site of the Tauranga Waldorf School in Welcome Bay, Tauranga.

From Moving Years 1904-2004 by the Tauranga Primary Centennial Committee (2004) page 7:
Tauranga Waldorf School: The Kauri Classrooms
‘In 1916 a two roomed building was constructed for the senior part of the school. This building held the woodwork and agriculture classes. The agriculture course offered to the senior pupils must have been successful as it is recorded that, in 1942, Tauranga District School pupils grew maize and the crop, when sold, raised 250 pounds. The two rooms were connected by a cloak bay on the southern side, while on the northern end a wide storage area ran between both rooms. One end of this storeroom was eventually blocked in so that each room was then separate from the other. John Roberts, who was a pupil at the school in the 1950s, remembers filling the inkwells with the powdered ink mixture which was kept in the storeroom between these two rooms. The agriculture building, eventually removed from the Arundel Street site in 2001, was in use as two individual classrooms up to 2000, when it became surplus to requirements. Then, to increase playground space, it was sold to the Rudolf Steiner School in Welcome Bay.

Tauranga Waldorf School: The Kauri ClassroomsThis building was obtained by the school by tender through negotiation directly with the Ministry of Education’s project manager. The schools tender was accepted and the building moved on site in 2001. The cost to the school was $60,000 which included earthworks, decks, ramps and a toilet (since removed). The move was funded by loans from community members and a small bank loan. In 2008 the classrooms were used to house Class 4 taught by Mirriam van Maanen and Class 5 taught by Sheryl Jenkins.

by Debbie McCauley (2008).



Nicola Cooke, personal communication, December 20, 2008.

Tauranga Primary Centennial Committee. (2004). Moving years 1904-2004. Tauranga, New Zealand: Author.

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Tauranga Waldorf School: The Kauri Classrooms


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