Headstone of Selina Hannah Gellibrand (nee Evans) (1831-1878)

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Headstone of Selina Hannah Gellibrand (nee Evans) (1831-1878).


Selina Hannah Evans was born in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England on 5 May 1831. Her parents were Samuel and Selina Evans (nee Kerby) who married in Sussex, England, in 1826. On 26 December 1849 she married Reverend Joseph Tice Gellibrand (1826-1887) in Cambridge. Joseph was born in Hobart, Australia on 1 May 1826. By 1852 Selina and Joseph were living in Australia. Joseph worked as a missionary with the Church of England for 21 years. In 1874 he visited New Zealand. Selina and Joseph had no children of their own. In 1878, Selina and Joseph's foster daughter Elizabeth Windspear married Englishman Arthur Algernon Crapp, a captain in the Armed Constabulary with a distinguished record in the Land Wars. Their wedding took place in Auckland and Selina returned to Tauranga by ship. She hired a small boat and boatman for the short journey across the harbour to Omokoroa. Selina was drowned when the boat capsized in bad weather. Local Maori found her body the next morning. She was buried at Mission Cemetery (Otamataha Pā). Joseph died at Omokoroa on 10 October 1887 (reg. 1887/5836). He was buried with Selina in Mission Cemetery (Otamataha Pā). Text and photograph by Debbie McCauley (1 October 2016). Tauranga City Libraries Image Number: 16-243.

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Headstone of Selina Hannah Gellibrand (nee Evans) (1831-1878)

First Names:Selina Hannah
Last Name:Evans
Date of Birth:5 May 1831
Place of Birth:Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
City:Tauranga, New Zealand