Headstone of Thomas Samuel Grace (1815-1879)

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Headstone of Thomas Samuel Grace (1815-1879).


Thomas Samuel Grace was born in Liverpool, England, on on 16 February 1815 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England. HIs parents were John and his Sarah Lawrence Grace (nee Cox). On 23 July 1845 Thomas married Agnes Fearon at Whitehaven in Cumberland. From 1844 he trained with the Church Missionary Society (CMS). The family arrived in New Zealand on 9 July 1850 on board the Fairy Queen. One of Thomas's most promising pupils at the Mission School was Te Kooti. When missionary Carl Sylvius Völkner was killed by Māori in 1865, Thomas was arrested and put on trial by Pai Mārire party. He was rescued from captivity two weeks later by a British man-of-war, HMS Eclipse, but not before Pai Mārire tried to exchange him for imprisoned Tauranga chief Hori Tupaea. From 1872 Thomas was based at Tauranga where he died on 30 April 1879. He was buried in Mission Cemetery (Otamataha Pā). In 1964 a brass memorial plaque was attached to his headstone by his family. In 2000 the brass plaque was stolen from the headstone, but was later either recovered or replaced. Text and photograph by Debbie McCauley (1 October 2016). Tauranga City Libraries Image Number: 16-244.

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Headstone of Thomas Samuel Grace (1815-1879)

First Names:Thomas Samuel
Last Name:Grace
Date of Birth:16 February 1815
Place of Birth:Liverpool, Lancashire, England
City:Tauranga, New Zealand