Headstone of John Cadenhead (c1843-1873)

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Headstone of John Cadenhead (c1843-1873).


John Cadenhead was born in c1843. He married Janet Menzies in New Zealand in 1872 (reg. 1872/4230). The following year John went to a Mr Borthwick’s house where he started shouting and swearing. The Police were called and John was arrested on 10 October 1873, spending the night in jail at Monmouth Redoubt. The next day he was released and went home suffering from spinal and head injuries. He died at his residence on Cameron Road in Tauranga on 11 October 1873, aged 31 (reg: 1873/4027). There was an inquest into his death, the verdict finding that he died of natural causes which prompted much outcry. Juror J T Morrison had refused to sign the verdict. John's wife Janet died in 1875 (reg. 1875/5218). Text and photograph by Debbie McCauley (1 October 2016). Tauranga City Libraries Image Number: 16-238.

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Headstone of John Cadenhead (c1843-1873)

First Names:John
Last Name:Cadenhead
Date of Birth:c1843
City:Tauranga, New Zealand