Headstone of Harriette Anne Skeet (nee Garland) (1828-1872)

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Headstone of Harriette Anne Skeet (nee Garland) (1828-1872).


Harriette Anne Garland was born in Petworth, Sussex, England on 10 August 1828. She married Henry Lufkin Skeet on 6 January 1857 at Tillington in Sussex, England. The family arrived in New Zealand in c1860. Captain Skeet is recorded as being in Te Papa (later called Tauranga) area surveying confiscated land. During the Tauranga Bush Campaign (1867) he formed a Volunteer Engineer's unit which helped militia to fight local Maori protesting the survey of their land.

Henry and Harriette's son Alfred was born on 25 December 1871 (reg. 1871/18821). Alfred died one day later on 26 December 1871 (reg. 1871/8762). Harriette would soon follow, dying on 1 January 1872, at age 43 (reg. 1872/5077)Mother and child were buried together in Mission Cemetery (Otamataha Pā). Henry and the couples other children moved to Taranaki  where Henry surveyed confiscated land in that area. Henry died in Auckland on 5 November 1882, aged 47 (reg. 1882/5482)Text and photograph by Debbie McCauley (1 October 2016). Tauranga City Libraries Image Number: 16-258.

NOTE: The incorrect year of death appears on this headstone. Although Alfred died in 1871, Harriette actually died on 1 January 1872, not 1 January 1871 as stated on the headstone. Monumental Mason: McNab & Mason (1902-1921).

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Headstone of Harriette Anne Skeet (nee Garland) (1828-1872)

First Names:Harriette Anne
Last Name:Garland
Date of Birth:10 August 1828
Place of Birth:Petworth, Sussex, England
City:Tauranga, New Zealand