Tauranga Rudolf Steiner School Library: Teachers' Library (2007)

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Tauranga Rudolf Steiner School Library: Teachers' Library (2007).


In 1989 sixteen acres of land were purchased at Welcome Bay, Tauranga, on which to establish the Tauranga Rudolf Steiner School. When the land was purchased the only building standing on it at that time was an old cowshed. At the end of 2005 the volunteer school librarian, Debbie McCauley, who was running the library in an inadequate space within the pentagon classroom block, applied for and received over $35,000 in fundraising grants to develop a proper school library. The cowshed was made available and Debbie, who is also a qualified librarian, was employed part-time to establish a modern school library. This new library consists of specialised library shelving, new books, tables, chairs, filing cabinets, a book repair stapler, a computer with specialist library management software (MUSAC), a portable barcode scanner and a catalogue computer (OPAC). The library is a community space used by many, loved by the children, and effectively the ‘heartbeat’ of the school. Photo: Debbie McCauley (2007).

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Tauranga Rudolf Steiner School Library: Teachers' Library (2007)

City:Tauranga, New Zealand
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