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Tauranga Memories is a website run by the Tauranga City Libraries. It has content created by library staff and content created by community groups and individuals. Because anyone can register and create content, it is important to understand whether you want to contact the particular person who wrote an article, the administrator of a particular basket (Rembering War, Tauranga Local History etc etc), or the people who control the website as a whole.


  • All individual articles can be commented on by clicking 'join the conversation' at the bottom of the article. This is a good way to ask a question, make a comment or add information to a topic/article so that many interested parties can read it.


To contact the basket administrators for library managed baskets

Click one of the following links.


To contact the relevent people for community baskets

Click on of the following links


To email the Tauranga Memories site administrator click here.

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