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TRMC event held on 29th August, 2013 at Historic Village, 17th Ave, Tauranga

 by Tauranga Regional Multicultural CouncilLIH- Hare Krishna 2013 0 We had a very interesting evening last week run by the Hare Krishna followers from Katikati under a very capable organizer Bela Reid. The evening started earlier then usual and did not finish until midnight with observance of the birthday of Hare Krishna. We had nearly 100 people attending, but most of us went home at about 9.30pm, though the core of followers stayed on.

The group did an outstanding job in decorating the hall and creating a special atmosphere for the night, which was full of singing, chanting and even dancing when many of us joined in with various degrees of competence, but we all had a great time; there was even a puppet show and poetry. The group provided very tasty food for all participants, even including dessert of sweet macaroons




For those of you who missed the night, here are a few great photos taken by our paparazzi Mirella Veneziano

1.     Portrait with decorations and candles

2.     Rupal Mehta dancing classial dance performing to her son’s poem ---- Watch a video

3.     We all dance to the live music and singing

4.     Food was all vegetarian and very tasty

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Living in Harmony- Hare Krishna