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Situated in rural Welcome Bay, the Colour Field Recording Studio, run by Tim Julien, records albums for a variety of local artists.

 The Colour Field Recording Studio is located in rural Welcome Bay, Tauranga. There are 2 rooms, consisting of a 5m x 6m control room and a 9m x 6m live room. The ethos behind the studio is quality recording at affordable prices.


Recording in The Colour Field is PC computer based, utilising Samplitude as the main DAW. plus the Creamw@re Scope Fusion Platform for I/O. A good range of outboard gear is on hand, including Joe Meek VC1Qs, a TL Audio Valve channel, an ART Tube Pro channel, a 1980's 24 channel Soundtracs MRX console, Mackie HR824 monitoring and Beyerdynamic headphones. Microphone duties are handled by Shure, Rode, AKG, CAD and Studio Projects.


Location, Location, Location is a plus for The Colour Field, we are situated in a semi-rural area with park like grounds and ample parking. We use two rooms - control room and live room, comprising around 50sq metres. The studio is ideally suited for singer-songwriters, bands, audio restoration and voice over work. Tim is also a qualified music teacher and skilled songwriter/arranger, and as such is able to offer help with any stage of production. Mastering can also be carried out at The Colour Field, for which we have a variety of methods at our disposal - Creamware's Optimaster Multiband Compression system, Samplitudes AM-MUNITION compressor/limiter plug-in and a host of other great tools.

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