Sometimes by Leilani Taula

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Sometimes by Leilani Taula .


Leilani Taula showed great musical promise from a young age, even singing before she could talk. From being given the lead in her school play at age seven, writing her own music and playing piano and guitar by age eight, she went on to win the Tauranga Search for a Star contest at age nine and sang in front of thousands at Tauranga’s Christmas In the Bay. Her musical career is still growing with the release of her first album, 'Sometimes'.

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Sometimes by Leilani Taula

First Names:Leilani
Last Name:Taula
Place of Birth:Nelson, New Zealand
City:Tauranga, New Zealand
Location where this photo was taken:

Latitude and Longitude coordinates: -37.68779749999999,176.16512950000003

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