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This poem was written in 1999 after attending the funeral of our friends six-year-old daughter who had lost her battle against leukemia. She was buried in Pyes Pa Cemetery on 22 December 1999. The poem was published in the 'Bay of Plenty Times' on 14 August 2010 (p. 22).

A Barbie girl 
a Barbie world

Her favourite song 
played to a chorus of sobs 
the coffin white, adorned 
with stickers

Katie rode to the cemetery 
atop a vintage fire engine 
and was carried 
with love and tears 
to her freshly-dug grave

Each of us holding 
a pink or white balloon

When it was time 
we released them. 
to float free 
into the blue above

“Goodbye!” we called, 
Katie, goodbye!” 
and we waved and waved 
until we could see them 
no more.


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