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Born in Germany in 1825, Johanna Pasmun emigrated to New Zealand aboard the 'Orari' in 1876. She was my third great grandmother - Debbie McCauley (2013).

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Johanna Pasmun was born in Germany in 1825 to John and Johanna Pasmun (nee Kling).

She married Hermann Meyer (1820-1895) in Germany. Hermann was born to Frederick and Gertrude Geus Meyer in 1820.

They had four children together:

  1. Gertrude Meyer (c1842-1914). Gertrude married Rudolph Ninkie (Ninkey) (1831-?) in Liverpool, England. On the same voyage as her parents and siblings, was Gertrude Ninky (aged 29), along with husband Rudolph (aged 42) who was a Joiner and their children Carl (age 5), Hermann (aged 3) and Ann (aged 4 months). On 15 January 1910 (reg. 1910/1140) Gertrude Nenkey remarried to Shoemaker James Charles Burbery (c1837-1923) in Cheviot, Canterbury. She died, aged 72, on 10 April 1914 (reg. 1914/2458) and was buried as Gertrude Burbury in Waikumete Cemetery (Anglican Division F, Row 8, Plot 1) on 12 April 1914.
  2. Caroline Meyer (c1858-1934). Born in Germany c1858. She was aged 18 she arrived in New Zealand aboard the Orari in 1876. In 1878 (reg. 1878/1706) Caroline married August Forkert. She died, aged 76, in October 1934 (reg. 1934/9220).
  3. Albertina Meyer (1863-1940). Born in Germany on 3 October 1863. She was aged 11 when she arrived in New Zealand aboard the Orari in 1876. Albertina married Thomas Garmonsway (1843-1918) at St John's Church, Te Awamutu, on 14 August 1880 (reg. 1880/1949). Two years after Thomas's death, in 1920 (reg. 1920/11412), she married David Reid. At the time of her death, Albertina was living in Leamington, Cambridge. She died, aged 76, on 10 March 1940 (reg. 1940/17408) and was buried in Hautapu Cemetery (Block D, Plot 240). 
  4. Wilhelmina Meyer (1868-1954). Known as 'Minnie'. Born in Liverpool, England in 1868. She was aged 7 she arrived in New Zealand aboard the Orari in 1876. She married James Anderson Miller in 1885 (reg. 1885/329). Wilhelmina died, aged 85, in 1954 (reg. 1854/21518). 

The Orari arrived in Auckland, New Zealand, on 2 November 1876. This was just the second voyage of the Orari since its construction the year before. On board were the Meyer family from Germany: Farm Labourer Hermann Meyer (age 45); Johanna (age 41); Caroline (age 18); Albertina (age 11) and Wilhelmina (age 7). On 3 November 1876 the Auckland Star reported the arrival which can be accessed by clicking here. Hermann and Johanna's married daughter Gertrude was also on board, along with her husband Rudolph Ninky and their children.

The Waikato Times reported on 12 November 1878:

At the Hamilton Police Court, held on Wednesday, before W. H. Northcroft, Esq., R.M., Hermann Meyer and Johanna Meyer were charged, on the information of G. F. Millars, with a breach of the Impounding Act, at Ohaupo. Mr O'Neill appeared for informant, and Mr Hay for the defence. The case was dismissed, each paying their own costs. A cross action for assault, arising out of the above case, on information laid by Johanna Meyer against Mrs Millars, was also dismissed each party paying their own costs. A third case, in which Mary Millars was charged by Johanna Meyers with a breach of the Vagrant Act, was adjudicated upon with a like result. (Waikato Times, 12 November 1878, p. 2)

On 8 April 1886 the Waikato Times reported Hermann taking his son-in-law August Forkert to court:

SUPREME COURT SITTNGS. AUCKLAND. Tuesday. Arson. -  August Forkert was arraigned on an indictment charging him with setting fire to a shed attached to the dwelling-house of Hermann Meyer, of Ngaroto, Waikato. Prisoner pleaded not guilty. Mr Hudson Williamson (Crown Prosecutor) conducted the prosecution; Mr Napier appeared for the defence.

Hermann Meyer, settler, Ngaroto, deposed: Prisoner is my son-in-law. Recently had occasion to impound prisoner’s cattle for trespassing and damages. Saw prisoner on return home. He was running away from the cowshed, which was on fire. Forkert was about thirteen yards from the shed. Shouted to him, "Forkert what are you up to now?" The end of the shed nearest to Forkert was on fire. There was not much blaze then. The shed was built of ti-tree, and was very dry. There were some farm implements in the shed. The shed was roofed with rushes. Forkert made no reply to my remark, but he ran into the tea-tree. Succeeded in putting out the fire. There were two sheds close to the one which was on fire - one shed being nearer my house than the burning one. The shed was about 17 yards from my house. Prisoner ran in a stooping position behind a fence. Accused knew witness had impounded his cattle, Johanna Meyer, Henry Brown, and Constable Ryan, were examined.

Mr Napier then addressed the jury. His Honour summed up, and the jury after a few minutes found prisoner not guilty, and he was discharged from custody. (Waikato Times, 8 April 1886, p. 2)

Hermann died, aged 75, on 3 November 1895 (reg. 1895/5615). He was buried in Paterangi Cemetery (Block 11, Row 1, Plot No. C).

In the Waikato New Zealand Electoral Roll of 1896, Johanna Meyer is shown as living in Ohaupo. In 1900 she is still listed as living in Ohaupo.

On 7 November 1900 Johanna Meyer of Ohaupo was naturalised (became a New Zealand citizen).

Johanna died, aged 77, on 5 June 1902 (reg. 1902/2886). She was buried in Hawera General Presbyterian Cemetery (Plot No. 23/1562 XV).


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Johanna Meyer (nee Pasmun) (1825-1902)

First Names:Johanna
Last Name:Pasmun
Date of Birth:1825
Country of birth:Germany
Date of death:5 June 1902
Place of death:Hawera, South Taranaki, New Zealand
Place of burial:Hawera General Presbyterian Cemetery
Family Surname:Meyer
First settled:Paterangi
Date of Arrival:2 November 1876
Name of the ship:Orari
Date of sailing:13 July 1876
Port of arrival:Auckland
Sailed from:Gravesend
Spouses name:Hermann Meyer
Spouses date of birth:1820
Spouses place of birth:Germany
Spouses date of death:3 November 1895
Spouses place of death:New Zealand
Spouses place of burial:Paterangi Cemetery
Spouses nationality:German
Place of marriage:Germany
Fathers name:John Pasmun
Mothers name:Johanna Kling
Name of the children:Caroline Meyer , Albertina Meyer , and Wilhelmina Meyer

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