Ann Gordon (nee King) (1795-1868)

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Ann Gordon (nee King) (1795-1868).


Ann Gordon spent nine years as the superintendent and matron of the Female Factory at Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia. She tried to implement policies designed to achieve the smooth running of an institution that was both a place of punishment and asylum, to maintain the health and welfare of the women, alleviate overcrowding where possible, provide some employment and encourage moral improvement. Text by Debbie McCauley. Photograph: Edward Garmonsway and Letitia King: Their descendants. A booklet to commemorate the Garmonsway family reunion held 16-17 April 1983 in Cambridge, N. Z. by Barbara Kelly, Julie Fox and Peter Wood (1983).

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Ann Gordon (nee King) (1795-1868)

First Names:Ann
Last Name:King
Date of Birth:1795
Place of Birth:Portsmouth, Hampshire