Map: Taurikura (Tauranga)

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Map: Taurikura (Tauranga).


This map is part of a traditional story: Long ago there was a village called Kahakaharoa in the Omanawa district. The village was on the cliff tops at the edge of a gorge with a river flowing far below. Taurikura was a puhi, a chief's daughter, a woman of high rank who lived in Kahakaharoa. Because she was a chief's daughter Taurikura had always been given everything she wanted. Some said she was a spoiled brat. When she grew up she expected everything to be done for her...

Compiled by Evelyn Stokes, Occasional Paper No. 9, Centre for Maori Studies and Research, University of Waikato. October 1980. This document has been placed online with the permission of the University of Waikato and of the family of Evelyn Stokes. The Tauranga Moana Kaumatua Forum and the Tangata Whenua Collective were also consulted and agreed to it being made available online.

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Map: Taurikura (Tauranga)

First Names:Taurikura
Location where this photo was taken:

Latitude and Longitude coordinates: -37.68779749999999,176.16512950000003

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