Mock Court in Tauranga (28 August 1915)

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Mock Court in Tauranga (28 August 1915).


At 2pm on Saturday 28 August 1915 Tauranga’s ‘Mock Court’ commenced at the Opera House with the intention of gathering funds for the Wounded Soldiers’ Fund. The Court officials emerged from the ‘Chambers’ in the Norris and Bell’s building, accompanied by a bodyguard of constables. They firstly called at the Star Hotel and arrested the licensee who was fined on the spot. The Commercial, Masonic and Tauranga Hotels followed with further arrests and open-air trials held. Some tried to resist arrest, but were ‘gently persuaded’ by the crowd and arresting constables to yield. The Court then proceeded to the Opera House where a jury of women were quietly waiting to pass judgement. The town crier kept proceedings moving along, while the audience simmered with laughter, especially when any lapses of his behaviour were promptly fined by the Judge. The Chief Persecutor had the ear of the Judge, and won most of his cases while the Counsel for the Defence disappointed many. The Registrar thundered out the charges, and the Judge’s Associate was kept busy collecting fines. The ‘force’ was on the prowl all afternoon, making several excellent captures, including Miss Bedlington who was arrested for riding on the footpath. She appeared immediately in the Court seated upon her horse. Many prisoners sought to escape punishment by making eyes at the Jury. In turn all the Court official were fined for various delinquencies, such as the Judge for sleeping at his post. Similar ‘Courts’ were also held in various other towns to raise funds with Tauranga raising a better than expected amount of £200. In the photograph, the man with his hands in his pockets standing under the 'o' in Clothing is William Raymond Nankervis (1888-1951) while the Constable in the centre of the three smoking policemen at the top right is Arthur Skinner (1874-1940). Text by Debbie McCauley (2019). Tauranga City Libraries Image Number: 02-256.


Bay of Plenty Times (30 August 1915, p. 4).

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Mock Court in Tauranga (28 August 1915)

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