Humpty Dumpty, Memorial Park, Tauranga (1968)

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Humpty Dumpty, Memorial Park, Tauranga (1968).


In 1959 Onna Joustra designed a playground for Memorial Park that was submitted to a Borough Council competition by the Tauranga Jaycees. The playground includes a statue of Humpty Dumpty, a favourite nursery rhyme. The children's playground officially opened on 19 December 1959. This black and white photograph of Humpty Dumpty was taken in 1968. Photograph Credit: Gale Collection, Tauranga Heritage Collection.

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Humpty Dumpty, Memorial Park, Tauranga (1968)

First Names:Humpty
Last Name:Dumpty
Date of Birth:1959
Place of Birth:Tauranga, New Zealand
City:Tauranga, New Zealand