Rare Books Talk by Stephanie Smith (2016)

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Rare Books Talk by Stephanie Smith (2016).


Photograph of archivist Stephanie Smith with New Zealand Ferns: 172 Varieties by Eric Craig &  Herbert Dobbie, published in 1892 (2nd edition). The illustrations are full-size, white silhouettes on blue paper. They were hand-made by mounting fern fronds on sheets of glass and directing sunlight through these onto sheets of home-made blueprint paper, At some stage Herbert changed the spelling of his last name from Dobie to Dobbie. He was the brother of artist Mary Beatrice Dobie who was murdered at ĹŒpunake, Taranaki, on 25 November 1880, one year prior to the invasion of the pacifist settlement at Parihaka (587.31 DOB). Photograph: Debbie McCauley.

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Rare Books Talk by Stephanie Smith (2016)

First Names:Stephanie
Last Name:Smith
Place of Birth:New Zealand
City:Tauranga, New Zealand