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Anne Catherine Hawker (1802-1838.
Photo: Lee Switzer.
Huikakahu Kawe.
Photo: Lee Switzer.
Alison Carey.
Alison Carey giving her speech on Somervale Retirement Village (2015)
Huria Redoubt (1864.
Date: 1864 By: Robley, Horatio Gordon, 1840-1930 Ref: A-033-012 Shows Judea Redoubt close to Gate Pa, Bay of Plenty. Pitched tents on the left and scattered figures in the foreground.
Watercolour of Judea Redoubt at Tauranga by Lieutenant William Kay.
Source: Durham Light Infantry Museum  Watercolour of Judea Redoubt at Tauranga, New Zealand, October 1864. This watercolour was painted by Lieutenant William Kay, who served with the 68th Light Infantry in
Fire Station 00-47.