Tauranga Hospital was officially opened on 6 March 1914 by the Inspector-General of Hospitals Dr T.H.A Valintine. The first two patients were admitted on that day. They were Herbert Wood, aged 20, and his brother, Reginald, aged 16. Both were diagnosed as having ‘enteric’ fever, that is, typhoid fever. The duration of their stay in hospital was 77 days for Herbert and 34 days for Reginald.

Forty years later, in 1950, Tauranga Hospital was considered a Cottage Hospital and was located a distance from town. Greerton was a Town Board and there was little housing beyond what is now 23rd Avenue.  Today we have a modern hospital that can no longer be considered a Cottage Hospital. We also have a wonderfully dedicated staff practising innovative and sometimes world-leading medicine for the people of the Bay of Plenty. I am often told by people how proud they are of Tauranga Hospital, and especially so when they drive past and compare today’s modern buildings to the 1950’s Cottage Hospital.

Reflecting on the last 100 years has presented a timely opportunity for us to reconnect with the past, and discover stories about people who have worked at the hospital during that time. This is a compilation of some of those stories and I want to thank all of you who have made a
contribution to the hospital in the past and will do in the future.

Phil Cammish
Chief Executive
Bay of Plenty District Health Board
March 2014

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Year:1914 and 2014

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Christmas circa 1965.
Tauranga Hospital 1962 Physiotherapy
Dr Roy Buchanan .
Head of Radiology Department. In 1914 doctors were unable to see inside the body. Today, Tauranga Hospital’s Radiology Department has
Gardener 1960 -1970. By Jean Banyard
Dr Sligo and Hutchenson.
At the age of 28, married with three young children, I’d recently returned from India to begin a new life at
Stella Ward with James Lynch.
Longest-stay Permanent Patient in New Zealand
Retired Specialist Anaesthetist and Director Intensive Care Unit.
Retired Senior Surgeon. My Arrival at Tauranga Hospital 1949
Dr Arthur Reid.
Retired Consultant Physician and Deputy Medical Superintendent
Punohu McCausland (left) and Janet McLean.
The Bay of Plenty District Health Board (BOPDHB) has 18 iwi in its region - the highest number of iwi