The Tauranga Heritage Collection includes objects of local and national importance and items of lasting significance to individuals, families, hapu, iwi and the community at large. The collection exists due to the dedication of volunteers, local groups and individuals who have contributed possessions and time in the hope of preserving the cultural heritage of the Western Bay of Plenty.

In 1969 the Tauranga Historical Society called for objects from its members and the community to establish a museum. Premises in Hamilton Street were provided by the Tauranga City Council to display collected items. One of the first and largest acquisitions made by the Society was Charlie Haua’s blacksmith shop and contents. Early donors include, V. MacMillan, Tuirirangi Te Kani, E. L. Adams, E. Brain, P. & W. Jensen, W. Cross, P. Delamere, D. Maxwell and A. Faulkner.

At the Tauranga Historic Village and District Museum, in 17th Ave, the collection grew rapidly and to a size of comparative national scale with over 30 000 items. The Historic Village was closed in 1998 and the collection was placed into storage. Research of the collection is being undertaken in order to achieve a complete picture of the extent and significance of the Tauranga Heritage Collection.

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Pictures at Tauranga Town Hall (c1917).

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The Star Hotel, Christmas Dinner Menu 1962.
  The word ‘ephemera’, commonly used to describe written and printed material that is unlikely to be retained, derives from
Atlantic Telegraph Cable souvenir by Tiffany & Co., New York..
Sometimes the most unassuming object can have a fascinating tale to tell. One such artefact in the Tauranga Heritage Collection
Guinness Bros. at No. One, The Strand, Tauranga .
  A retailing dynasty ended in Tauranga when the last Guinness Appliances store closed in June 2011. Opened in 1908
Expozay Bikini 0010/00.
   Expozay was started by Judy and Tony Alvos in 1976 from an office in Durham Street. As importers of
Cup to commemorate the coronation of Edward VIII.
Wedding memorabilia for Prince William and Kate Middleton will continue to be in demand for some time. While the sale of
Private Leslie Harvey Clark.
Prior to WW1 the troopship ss Tahiti worked the New Zealand to San Francisco service for the Union Steamship Company.
Mourning Brooch.
  Symbolizing life and enduring love the keeping of hair has been associated with death and mourning in many cultures
A Horner Hat Pin.
Protesting her innocence Minnie Dean was executed on August 12, 1895 for murdering a baby in her care. Folklore soon
Identity Photograph, New Zealand Police Gazette, 1911.
  The 1911 New Zealand Police Gazette in the Tauranga Heritage Collection gives a fascinating glimpse into the not so
Postcard, All Saints Church, Great Holland .
  In 1972 the Baker family of East Anglia, Gate Pa, Tauranga, made a number of generous donations to the