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Greerton library first opened on 11 March 1964. Since then the library has seen several upgrades until a new library building was opened in 2015.

In 1964 the Greerton branch opened. It started with 67 children and a large number of adults enrolling when the Greerton section of the Tauranga Municipal Library opened. The library opening hours were Monday to Thursday from 1pm - 5pm and Friday from 1pm - 8.30pm. The librarian, Mrs D. Lees said that, "five minutes after the doors were open nearly a dozen people had taken books out. The library's committee chairman commented that, 'the branch held a large number of books that would add to the educational interests of the children.'

Greerton Library

Greerton Library in 2011

In 1972 plans were made to build a library and plunket rooms in Greerton with a proposed budget of $40,000. The site would include, "plunket rooms, a clinic, public conveniences and a full library. The new library building opened on Thursday , March 6th, 1975 by the Mayor, Mr R.A. Owens. The new Greerton library will be run by Mrs E. Hunt and assisted by Miss P. Henriksen.

Greerton Library Opening (15 July 2016)

Greerton Library Artwork

In 1997 construction on the Greerton library began to extend it by 187.5 square metres. Jane Nees, the library information and services manager said, 'the extension was necessary to cope with the 25% increase in population in the Greerton area.' The budget allocated for the extension is $371,000  and expected to take 10 weeks to complete. The library would be closed for three weeks so that internal work could be completed. The extensions were welcomed after some earlier delays.

Lynley Dodd at Greerton Library (2008)

Author Lynley Dodd at Greerton Library

In 2009 the Greerton library was extended again. The plan was to incorporate the plunket rooms as the new staff workroom and to open up the old workroom to the public. The old workroom would become a reading/ study area with the addition of a pod of 6 internet connected computers. The old Greerton team leaders office would become the new Teen space and the new Greerton team leaders office would be in one of the old plunket rooms.


Demolition of Greerton Library (2015)

A new Greerton Library, more than twice the size of the old one, opened on Friday 15 July 2016 after a dawn blessing and later a ribbon cutting and waiata from library staff. More than 2600 people visited on opening day. 

Greerton Library Opening (15 July 2016)

The New Greerton Library (2016)

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Greerton Library (est. 1964)

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