Ra Matua Main Sail by Naomi Leonard (2005-2006)

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Ra Matua Main Sail by Naomi Leonard (2005-2006).


Aluminium, canvas and dyed harakeke. Of Maori and Polynesian descent Naomi Leonard lives and works at Welcome Bay. She has been weaving seriously since 1997. More recently Leonard has taken part in exhibitions in Hawaii. In Ra Matua Leonard combines contemporary and traditional elements displaying the bi-cultural nature of the Papamoa community as well as natural and human made materials. The sails making up Ra Matua are symbolic of the Waka Hourua which sailed into Tauranga Harbour during the 14th century. The colours have been chosen specifically to represent Tangaroa, the Maori guardian of the ocean, and their integration reflect ever constant change, peace and harmony. Photograph: Debbie McCauley (22 November 2016).

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Ra Matua Main Sail by Naomi Leonard (2005-2006)

First Names:Naomi
Last Name:Leonard
City:Papamoa, New Zealand