Ngā Wāhi Rangahau: Research Collections (Tauranga)

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Ngā Wāhi Rangahau: Research Collections (Tauranga).


Tauranga has a rich and varied history from early Māori voyagers through to European settlers. Ngā Wāhi Rangahau (Research Collections) at Tauranga City Library seeks to gather this rich history and preserve it for future generations. The collection focuses on people, places and events in the Western Bay of Plenty, from Waihi Beach to Otamarakau.There is information about the vibrant early history of Tauranga city and surrounding districts, from the arrival and settlement of Māori, the Musket Wars, missionaries, the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, the New Zealand Wars and military settlement, trade, transport and industry, the harbour and port, agriculture and horticulture. The varying collections include Māori Reference, New Zealand Reference, General Reference, Local History collection, Joyce West collection, Bernard Sladden collection, Munro collection, Family History collection, Local Government and Central Government publications. Photograph © Debbie McCauley (6 April 2016).

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