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Peter Cramond's latest exhibition 'Disturbing Calm' comes from a difficult period in the artist's life where he reflects on life's unpredictable twists and turns and the part chance plays in all our lives.

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In a series of four paintings that make up part of this exhibition Peter explores this idea using his own very distinctive visual style and the recurring 'man wearing hat in a three piece suit with eyes covered' motif.

'Into The Unknown' ( detail ) by Peter Cramond

The images, although intended to represent the possibility of fortuitous happenstance resulting from the many choices we make and risks we take in times of uncertainty, all have a large dose of Peter's delightfully subversive humour that add to the mystery and power of these works.

The subject matter and Peter's easily recognisable impressionistic style allows the viewer to participate while engaging with these works without having the meaning spelt out for them in a patronising way. Peter's paintings are not 'easy' and this makes his work so interesting. They provide endless opportunities for discussion and demand on going attention. Above all they are lasting.

Peter's drawing, in times when too many images are downloaded or traced for inclusion in paintings, remain honest and the figures that inhabit his work are uniquely his own and strikingly original. On a recent visit to his studio I saw sketchbooks full of these wonderful imaginative drawings. They catalogue ideas and images that sometimes, after undergoing a strict editing process, become major paintings.


Peter working in his Papamoa studio - October 2014 

In addition to these four works there are two very large paintings of our native tui that will be Peter's contribution to this year's 2014 Garden and Art Festival. These two large homages to the tui on a background of luxuriant foliage express Peter's joy when these birds returned to his garden in Papamoa after a long absence. Peter's all consuming interest in conservation and observation of nature are recorded in sublime colour and detail in these paintings. The proceeds from one of these paintings will be donated to NZ Forest and Bird.


Tractor on Beach ( detail ) by Lisa Cramond

Peter's daughter Lisa will join him for this exhibition. This is the second time they have exhibited together and the works on show complement each other perfectly.

Lisa's paintings are moody and surreal. Her monochrome palette and subject matter often examine unusual and interesting juxtapositions. Her depictions of tractors on beaches will strike a responsive chord with many people who frequent our coastline.

Peter and Lisa will be exhibiting at Zohar Gallery in Downtown Mount Maunganui. The exhibition opens on the 13th November 2014 and will run until mid December.

by Pete Morris (November 2014). 


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Peter & Lisa Cramond: Disturbing Calm

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