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To commemorate 150 years since the Battles of Gate Pa and Te Ranga in 1864 an art exhibition was held in St George's Church Hall at Gate Pa with over 70 entrants from adults and schools.

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The exhibition was officially opened on Saturday 19 April 2014 at 10am and will be closed on Saturday 3 May. The artworks can be viewed by clicking on the links.

Art Exhibition Opening Speech (19 April 2014)

Art Exhibition Closing Speech (3 May 2014) 


Entrants in the adult's division:

A1: The Land by Peter Hodge

A2: Te Ranga/Ohauiti by Peter Hodge

A3: Tiaki/Protect by Karen Francis Lawson (Second Place)

A3: Tiaki/Protect by Karen Francis Lawson

A4: I AM by Collette Gaudin

A5: Burning Past by Bryce Rhodes

A6: Pukehinahina Cross by Riz Roelofsen

A7: The Calabash of Peace by Mischelle O'Donnell

A8: Tohu by Michael Staite

A9: Pukehinahina Kore Ake by Miriam Ruberl

A10: Kotarahanga Pū, The Pathway of the Warriors by Robyn Tania Williams

A11: Gate Pa Memorial by Ashley Grant

A12: Pukehinahina Iwi Memorial Cross by Ken Wright

A13: Mana Tu, Mana Toa, Mana Ake Ake by Iata Peautolu

A14: Sky Ride by Rachel Fitzgerald

A15: Pukehinahina & Te Ranga by Desirée Osterman

A16: Papa and the Bluecoat by Sian Northfield

A17: Fallen Warrior by Wendy Pedersen

A18: Pekerangi by Tawhai Rickard (Winner)

A18: Pekerangi by Tawhai Rickard

A19: Remember the battle, do no more by Tania Lewis-Rickard

A20: Atawhai by Sophie Evans


Entrants in the school's division:

S1: Aftermath by Maia McCauley (Second place in the Intermediate Division)

S1: Aftermath by Maia McCauley

S2: Escape by Night by Sophie McCauley

S3: The Battle Begins by Beth Parsons

S4: Battle of Gate Pa 1864 by Luke Matthews

S5: War 1864 by Cullen McGarva

S6: 1864 Battle of Gate Pa by Corban Tanoa

S7: Battle of Gate Pa by Chris Bae

S8: Missionary House by Kiri-Lee Ririnui

S9: Spot the Error 1864 by Sian McIlroy

S10: Hōri Ngātai by Zach Ririnui (Winner of the Intermediate Division)

S10: Hōri Ngātai by Zach Ririnui

S11: Jane Foley by Abbey Mitchell

S12: Rain Falls by Rebecca Kneale

S13: Matatuhi by Tanaya Leef

S14: Shadows by Rebecca Kneale

S15: Keep Watch by Ella Watereus

S16: Hiding in the Bushes by Youri Lim

S17: The Dark Times by Zoe Tocker

S18: Mana by C. J. Lovett

S19: Missionary House by Hayley Ellison

S20: Commemorate, Understand, Honour by Zoe Winters

S21: Pukehinahina Cross by Zehle Bannister

S22: There is Peace by Breana Ahern

S23: Untitled by Winchester Howard & Katrina Opie

S24: Haumi by Arohaina Worthen & Caleb Jenkins

S25: Untitled by Jessica James & Max Powdrill

S26: He Tangata by Aston Martin & Hannah Rose

S27: Gate by Hamish Gleeson & Nathan Stroud

S28: NZ by Charlotte Daffron & Rachael Ace

S29: Whakapiri by Keilani Worthen & Ethan Couper

S30: Make Art Not War by Myah Hawkins & Joe Daffron

S31: Untitled by Sophie Finn & Joshua Morgan

S32: Gate Pa by April Annas & Toby Hayward

S33: Mural by Tauriko School

S34: Untitled by Tina/Jiyun Jeong

S35: Battle of Gate Pa by Georgi Jouner

S36: Untitled by Akanksha Sharma

S37: War is a Stream of Blood by Madison Randall

S38: Ma tini ma mano ka rapa te whai (By many, by thousands, the work will be accomplished. Many hands make light work. Unity is strength) by Kate Harris & Ana Morris (Winner of the Senior Secondary Division)

S38: Ma tini ma mano ka rapa te whai by Kate Harris & Ana Morris  by Kate Harris & Ana Morris

S39: Memorial by Astyn Smart

S40: Te Maori by Nia Pearce

S41: Photo Relief by Mahnoor Qadri

S42: The British by Holly Ramsden

S43: Exploding into New Life (Cannonball Sculpture) by Daniel Stratton & Ty Whitley

S44: Roimata (Teardrop Sculpture) by Nia Pierce, Holly Ramsden & Georgie Pendred

S45: Whakakotahi ma inu wai (Unity with drinking water) by Tayla Turner-Paki

S46: Te Wairua Whakapiripiri (The Spirit of Peace) by Shalom Rickard

S47: The Tiki by Paris Patete-King (Winner of the Junior Secondary Division)

S47: The Tiki by Paris Patete-King

S48: Gate Pa Then And Now (mural) by Tauranga Intermediate School

S49: Te Pakanga o Pukehinahina (mural) by Brookfield School (Winner of the mural division and new Tauranga City Library card)

S49: Te Pakanga o Pukehinahina (mural) by Brookfield Primary School


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Battles of Gate Pā/Te Ranga Art Exhibition (2014) by Debbie McCauley