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On a visit to the art gallery space at the Cargo Shed in Tauranga recently I noticed the work of Fiona Goulding. Her technical skill with her chosen medium of oils impressed immediately and I had to find out more about this fastidious artistic talent that resides in our midst.

Fiona Goulding was born in England. Inspired by voluntary work undertaken in Africa, she spent several years travelling through India, Nepal, New Zealand and Australia. It was the sheer beauty and variety of the New Zealand landscape which drew her to making New Zealand her home.
Fiona Goulding in her Tauranga studio 2013
Fiona Goulding in her Tauranga studio 2013.
In the photo we see Fiona with her painting 'Meandering', a piece inspired by watching mallards enjoying a swim on a lake in the Sounds, South Island. "The light catching the ripples created beautiful reflections", she says.

Fiona is entirely self-taught and it is easy to see why her work is often described as 'exquisite'. Her finely executed oil paintings are influenced by the unequivocal beauty found in nature and the connection she feels with this. She loves to get immersed in nature's detail: its sculptural qualities, nuances of colour and effect of light. Although inspired by Realism, particularly the Dutch artist, Gerrit Dou, she prefers her inspiration to come directly from her own findings and responses to her environment.
She has travelled extensively and it is this feeling of being unencumbered that is reflected in her paintings of birds, symbolic of spiritual freedom. Many of these paintings seek to convey the feeling of being in flight. 

Morning Shadows, Port Hills by Fiona Goulding
Morning Shadows, Port Hills.
'Morning Shadows, Port Hills', was winner of 'best oil' at the Tauranga National Art Awards in 2008. The morning light falling over the Port Hills in Christchurch created beautiful golden, pink and blue hues. Looking down towards Sumner and South Shore, this painting shows a view now sadly dramatically altered by the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes.
Fiona has won awards at the International Palm Art Awards 2010 and 2012, the BDO Drawing and Painting Awards 2010 and the National New Zealand Art Awards 2008 and has been a finalist for the Yellow Pages Art Award 2009 and the Margaret Stoddard Award 2009. Her work has been exhibited and collected both in New Zealand and overseas and is featured in 'Who's Who in Visual Art' (Vol. 2010-2011). 
Fiona is happy to be contacted at regarding commissions or direct sales.
Find out more about Fiona's work at
by Pete Morris (November 2013).  
Pete Morris is an occasional painter and an art lover. He is a freelance writer with a particular interest in promoting the visual arts in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty.

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Fiona Goulding: Award Winning Artist (2013)

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