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Many art lovers will have read Rosemary Balu's ArtBoP newsletters that have been circulating around the Bay of Plenty for many years. The ArtBoP newsletters are now being read by an rapidly increasing readership online. Rosemary, the Editor of ArtBoP and a number of contributing writers are keen to bring art news, stories and opinions to those interested in the arts in Tauranga and further afield. Here is Rosemary's latest postout featuring some of the exciting events taking place during the 2013 Tauranga Arts Festival.

Today 23rd October the 2013 Tauranga Arts Festival "starts".   Last night I went to three visual arts Festival events openings.
The Tauranga Art Gallery Willow Street and see Gregor Kregar's Foucault's Pendulum  - in the 5pm Gallery daylight these two aluminium and light sculptures look like giant Christmas decorations.
I went back after 8.30pm and they are DOUBLE WOW - you can see the movement, the light and shadow change and play which is not obvious during daylight.  It is so exciting I ask someone who's just got off a bus to come and look.  Later still I take a young friend to have a look.  It's as good as fireworks!  The Gallery is leaving their enormous window blinds open so that the wonderful effects can be seen.   I hope these sculptures will find a permanent home as I believe they are "an attraction" which people would make an effort to visit.   Thank you Tauranga Art Gallery and Stufkens + Chambers.
UpPop Exhibition Art and Design Tutors Bay of Plenty Polytechnic at 89 Grey Street - "it delivers diversity scope and disciplines relevant to visual arts, fashion and graphic design.
Tutors from these programmes offered by the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic, are using this forum to display their creativity"  From the UpPop Exhibition catalogue.  I think you will be delighted to see this professionally presented exhibition. 
Gow Langsford Gallery  at Tauranga Arts Festival, at 29 Grey Street, 23 OCtober - 3 November 2013 - all of a sudden there is a sophisticated professional gallery in a former real estate office.   Going in there last night was like going into a chocolatiere - it's not where do you start but where would you be forced to stop.  And what just stops me in my tracks - a John Pule blue detail, hung in a corner where I just stare and stare.  I think about using the rates money to buy it but then sanity returns.  The gallery staff are wonderful and pleasant.  Just before the gallery closes for the evening, I drag in a young friend to look at the Goldies.  She had asked me where she could buy a copy of the Dippie image now on a Tauranga building wall.   Please take advantage of this amazing exhibition.
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The Incubator' art space at Tauranga's Historic Village - one of the many exciting attractions at the 2013 Tauranga Arts Festival
The Incubator' art space at Tauranga's Historic Village - one of the many exciting attractions at the 2013 Tauranga Arts Festival.
The Incubator at Tauranga's Historic Village had its grand opening on the evening of Friday 18th October 2013 followed by a very successful family open day on Saturday the 19th.
The Incubator houses a very well organised art collective where a number of our accomplished artists have joined together and have their studio spaces.
As you enter the Incubator you will find a large lounge area that can be used for group gatherings and informal meetings.
The building's generous size allows artists to work on large pieces and to collaborate on projects.
Artists Simone Anderson, Lisa Meehan, Wendy Pederson, Scott Sergeant and Caroline Taylor have their studio spaces at the Incubator and will be joined by others as the collective develops and becomes more established.
The artists at the Incubator aim to promote the growth and development of artists, foster cohesion among practising artists and generate a greater public awareness of the arts generally.
Be sure to add the Historic Village to your list of 'must sees' at this year's Tauranga Arts Festival.
Art Market @ The Cargo Shed - a star attraction
Art Market @ The Cargo Shed - a star attraction. 
Another highlight of Tauranga's art scene at present is the Arts Market @ The Cargo Shed.
The Cargo Shed, under the management of Kathy Sass and the stallholders, is much improved and is enjoying high levels of public support.
It has emerged as a leading Tauranga art attraction with artists interacting with the public while making their artworks, a designated gallery space that has attracted top artists like Peter Cramond, Ron Hall, Fiona Goulding, Finela Moore, and Vivian Keenan.
The quality of the craft work continues to improve and artists from other areas have become interested in exhibiting their work there.
It's a hive of busyness and looks great with all the display spaces filled.  
The Arts Market @ The Cargo Shed is a wonderful art space and should continue to do well.
By Pete Morris (October 2013).
Pete Morris is an occasional painter and an art lover. He is a freelance writer with a particular interest in promoting the visual arts in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty.
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