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“Life’s twists and turns are what shape us as people, definitely as artists,” says artist Bryce Brown, speaking from his new studio in Newton Street, Mount Maunganui.

“With adversity comes resilience, a deepening, an appreciation for taking time to ponder and reflect on what has passed, what has come to be, and what is yet to come.”

Bryce has moved from his ArtHub studio space on Tauranga’s 2nd Avenue to a small light-filled space at the northern end of Newton Street, where he is beginning a series of restful, contemplative paintings that he expects will occupy much of his time over the coming months.

‘Coastal Divisions’ – Diptych 610x1220mm 2011 Private Collection London.

‘Coastal Divisions’ is the first of these new works and Bryce says the technique used was discovered quite by accident when he was experimenting with ways he could capture more light and softness in his work.

The image shows groups of people connected by their surroundings and apparently not connected to each other as a whole, but as small groups or individuals.

Bryce says the painting is based on his observations of how strangers can choose to connect with each other or to remain isolated from those around them – a sort of ‘connected disconnectedness’. 

Another painting in the series is called ‘Survey’. This thoughtful image also has a coastal setting.

It shows three figures taking samples or measurements from a beach.

‘Survey’ 610x1220mm Acrylic on canvas 2011.

It is unclear what they are collecting or measuring and Bryce has deliberately left this open to interpretation.

This work shows the artist reflecting on the restoration of flora and fauna on our coastlines and is painted in such a way to show the fragile nature of our coastal environment.

The image is based on an old photo of men gathering toheroa on Ninety Mile Beach in Northland, but could really be anywhere in the world.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Bryce has in store for us as he continues to explore the new ideas and techniques already apparent in this latest series of paintings. 

Also in the Mount Central area are artists Timo Rannali, Heidi Borchardt, Rob McGregor, Owen Dippie , Kathrina Hagler of Central Parade Picture Framers and Gallery as well as a number of cafes.

Bryce is always working on something new and will do commissions after a consultation process to ensure the proposed painting has integrity and is meaningful. 

Bryce an be contacted at or visit

by Pete Morris (2011).

Pete Morris is an occasional painter and an art lover. He is a free-lance writer with a particular interest in promoting the visual arts in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty.

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Bryce Brown: New Series