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Looks like the Historic Village on 17th Avenue East is fast becoming the heart of Tauranga's visual arts scene.

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On a recent visit I had a wander around the Village with Joyce Van Der Lely, owner of the Village's wonderful 'Young At Art Downunder' Gallery & Art School and discovered that a number of new studios have been established to add to the Village's many other attractions.

Joyce moved to Tauranga from Christchurch with her family at the end of 2011 and set up her gallery and art school.

The space is filled with many of her original works of art and her classes have become very popular with children and adults alike.

The Young at Art Downunder Gallery is a must see when you visit the Village.

Read more about Joyce's art by clicking here.  

Young at Art Gallery 2013 - Historic Village
Young at Art Gallery 2013 - Historic Village 

Another exciting addition to village art is the well named 'Incubator'.

The Incubator houses a very well organised art collective where a number of our accomplished artists have joined together and have their studio spaces.

As you enter the Incubator you will find a large lounge area that can be used for group gatherings and informal meetings.

The building's generous size allows artists to work on large pieces and to collaborate on projects.

At the time of printing artists Simone Anderson, Lisa Meehan, Wendy Pederson and Caroline Taylor have their studio spaces at the Incubator and will be joined by others as the collective develops and becomes more established.

The artists at the Incubator aim to promote the growth and development of artists, foster cohesion among practising artists and generate a greater public awareness of the arts generally.

Early days - moving in

It's a great place to visit already and a much anticipated grand opening event is programmed for mid October.

Young at Art Gallery 2013 - Historic Village
Creative collaborative artworks in progress at the Incubator. 

Vivian Keenan, the talented woven sculpture artist also has her studio and gallery at the Village.

Vivian creates contemporary original art from recycled copper, willow and rattan. She uses basket making techniques to produce interior and garden sculptures often in the form of hinaki, sails, leaves, feathers and other objects that capture her creative eye.

Vivian has a broad range of experience in three dimensional weaving in New Zealand. She has also spent time working overseas on sculpture projects. She has exhibited overseas and visits basket festivals and basketmakers when travelling.

For more information about Vivian's art go to

Vivian uses oxidising techniques that she has experimented with to give the copper that attractive green appearance and other captivating finishes.  

Her work is sold throughout New Zealand.

You can expect a warm welcome and a most interesting art experience when you visit Vivian's studio and gallery.

Also at the Village is the Whatu Gallery run by Aroha Luttenberger and friends.

Whatu Gallery specialises in authentic contemporary and traditional Maori arts and crafts that are skilfully created at the gallery.

Just across the road at the Village Fire Station accomplished carvers Whare and Damien have their workshop studio. They recently completed the beautiful carvings installed at the newly opened Tauranga Police Station.

Moana Moko also have their premises at the village fronted by an eye-catching sculptural entranceway. They specialize in tattooing and have built up a solid reputation both here and overseas for their original designs and art.

Other art attractions at the Historic Village include:

  • 'Capture It' photography gallery and photography school run by Jo Millar and her assistants.
  • 'The Clay Art Studio' where a large selection of mosaic art and art materials can be found.

For directions to any of these galleries and studios call in to the Historic Village information centre at the main entrance on 17th Avenue East.

Turning Point Trust, a centre that promotes wellness through art and creativity is also located at the Historic Village. 

by Pete Morris (September 2013).

Pete Morris is an occasional painter and an art lover. He is a freelance writer with a particular interest in promoting the visual arts in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty.


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Historic Village: The New Heart of Tauranga Art (2013)

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