Ernestine Conrad at work in her studio (2013)

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Ernestine Conrad at work in her studio (2013).


Recently Mount Maunganui artist and film maker Jim Colzato visited his home city Besancon in the N.E. of France. While there he made a film about his artist friend Ernestine Conrad. Ernestine paints surrealistic paintings about the usually unseen spirits that keep a watchful eye on the city of Besancon. Our artists in the Bay of Plenty will be able to relate to Ernestine, will be familiar with many of the processes she employs and the issues that an artist must contend with.

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Ernestine Conrad at work in her studio (2013)

First Names:Ernestine
Last Name:Conrad
City:Besancon, France
Location where this photo was taken:

Latitude and Longitude coordinates: 47.237829,6.024053900000013

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