Coni in her Mount Maunganui studio (2013)

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Coni in her Mount Maunganui studio (2013).


Coni grew up in a house full of paintings that included impressionist paintings by her Grandmother and realism paintings by her Uncle. It was the smell of oil that she grew to love and hours were spent contemplating nature, colours and the textures of these works. These early influences gave Coni the strong desire to become a painter and artist. After university Coni did an assortment of different workshops including film, art direction, animation and photography, eventually landing a job as the art director in two theatre companies.  Coni enjoyed this work immensely, creating scenery, masks, puppets, costumes while also learning about lighting and other aspects of the theatre. Coni’s preferred medium is oil on canvas and she often makes her own oil paints with the use of pigment. She also likes the tondo or circle and has been using this format for the past 9 years.

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Coni in her Mount Maunganui studio (2013)

First Names:Constanza Tagini
Last Name:Nightingale
City:Tauranga, New Zealand