Painter Kristian Lomath at work (2013)

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Painter Kristian Lomath at work (2013).


Kristian, who is based in Rotorua, is known for his large paintings in oils on loose canvas and more recently for his very well received and critically acclaimed 'Bookwork' series. The genesis of these works is to be found when Kristian was living in the small farming community of Ngakura, in the North Island of New Zealand. Over the past six years, Kristian's work has evolved from landscape to mindscape. Kristian’s inspiration comes from nature and social networks, intertwined with the known and the unknown. He feels he now includes more of the external world, and people, within his work with places and forms revealed and concealed in the process. Painting is how Kristian makes meaning and sense of the world. Photograph: Pete Morris (2013).

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Painter Kristian Lomath at work (2013)

First Names:Kristian
Last Name:Lomath
City:Tauranga, New Zealand