Painter Doreen McNeill at work (2013)

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Painter Doreen McNeill at work (2013).


Doreen McNeill has been a professional painter for many years, has shown work throughout New Zealand and had a very well received retrospective exhibition at the Tauranga Art Gallery in April 2010. Doreen was trained as a draughtsman and was employed for many years drawing Navigational Charts for aircraft. "The precision of my chart work is probably why I now so enjoy giving my imagination free reign with all the colours and textures that modern paints allow.” In these new paintings Doreen is manipulating paint and surface in new ways often scratching and rubbing the surface to bring out new visual effects. When I delve a little further Doreen tells me that she never paints specific places but begins a work with random colours and shapes allowing the paint to guide her. She enjoys the actual process of painting and tries not to lay down definite plans so that the outcome of her work can be a wonderful surprise. "I relish the journey of exploration that this approach gives and although I probably waste rather a lot of paint the excitement engendered is incomparable and I am sometimes thrilled with the result", she says, adding,"If not I start again another day.”

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Painter Doreen McNeill at work (2013)

First Names:Doreen
Last Name:McNeill
City:Tauranga, New Zealand