Pepa Heller in his Tauranga studio (2013)

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Pepa Heller in his Tauranga studio (2013).


Tauranga's Pepa Heller is a highly regarded award winning tattoo artist. His artistic talent and reputation, in an artform that requires both technical skill and experience, is gaining widespread recognition. Pepa was born in the Czech Republic and came to New Zealand in 2000 well qualified with four years’ experience in tattoo art and design. Pepa began his New Zealand tattooing work in Rotorua before coming to Tauranga with his artist wife Jana where they opened the well-respected Bohemian Tattoo Arts studios in Grey Street.

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Pepa Heller in his Tauranga studio (2013)

First Names:Pepa
Last Name:Heller
City:Tauranga, New Zealand