Tauranga sculptor Captain Rob Murdoch (2012)

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Tauranga sculptor Captain Rob Murdoch (2012).


In late 2012 Tauranga sculptor Rob Murdoch approached Mount Maunganui's Lightwave Gallery with a view to exhibiting his work in a solo show. Rob's work is closely related to the general 'Steampunk' design movement that is beginning to make its presence felt and become very popular in New Zealand. The genre often references Victorian science fiction novels, in the days when authors could only dream of ray guns, rockets and time travel. Through initial meetings with Rob, Ken Wright the Director of Lightwave Gallery realised that to give an interesting backstory to Rob's collection of ray guns and fascinating otherworldly things there needed to be something to make the exhibit more than a collection of work hanging on the wall. They decided to turn it into an art experience with a narrative, props and an audio visual display. This would not only allow other artists to showcase their work but also to add to what was becoming an emerging story, Captain Rob Murdoch - The Dark Side of the Mount.

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Tauranga sculptor Captain Rob Murdoch (2012)

First Names:Rob
Last Name:Murdoch
City:Tauranga, New Zealand